Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds

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"This story is based upon the famous novel by Alexander Dumas. In all their adventures, our musketeers hold true to the two virtues that should never be forgotten...Honour and Friendship." - statement on the introduction

True Origins[edit]

Spanish cover

Some believe that since this cartoon series was based on the novel by Alexander Dumas, that it would be a French cartoon. In reality it was created by a studio in Spain called BRB Internacional, and the animation for in it was created by Nippon Animation in Japan. Its first broadcast was in 1981, and the it only available in Spanish. However, it grew in popularity and was soon dubbed in English. It was broadcast in the United Kingdom in 1985 on the Children's BBC, a partner of the British Broadcasting Channel.

BRB Internacional
Nippon Animation

Languages/Alternate Titles[edit]

It was later redubbed in more languages due to its popularity and its global audience.

Spanish [original]: D'Artacan y los tres Mosqueperros

English: Dogtanian and the Three Musketeers

Finnish: Kolme Muskettikoiraa

French: Les Trois Mousquetaires

Japanese: Wanwan Sanjushi [Woofwoof Musketeers]

The Musketeers[edit]

Dogtanian, Athos, Aramis, & Porthos

(From left to right)

Dogtanian: The new pup of the pack, comes all the way to France to become one of the musketeers. His father was one so he tries to be like him.

Athos: Alcoholic, usually a stable personality, but somewhat aggressive when another character gets between him and his drink.

Aramis: The romantic one of the group, speaks in a soft tone and gets the attention of the female characters.

Porthos: The leader of the three musketeers, a well rounded personality and shows no fear.