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Dogsoul (Kyle Lawrence) is an artist who lives in Canada. He is a USA citizen who was born and raised in Michigan. He moved to southern Ontario some years ago[when?] (before 2003?), and planned to move back to the states in 2007.


Mediums and techniques[edit]

Dogsoul was originally a watercolour painter for many years before he discovered the furry fandom. From there, he spread to other art forms, including sculpture (metal, clay), carving (wood, bone, stone), photography (which he never did feel very proficient with), and any other classes or instruction on various art forms. While in high school, he discovered the concept of scanning artwork onto computers and altering or colouring them with digital programs. However, his digital work is largely self-taught, since there were no classes at the time to take.

While still favouring watercolours and coloured pencils, Dogsoul enjoys employing many different mediums and techniques. Most of his artwork is sketched, then inked with felt-tipped pens (such as Microns) before being coloured with paints, coloured pencils, markers, or a combination of any or all of those.

Subject matter[edit]

Left to his own devices, Dogsoul would gladly draw vast quantities of violent art, homoerotic pictures, images of spirituality and transcendence, and bondage-heavy works. He favours "realistic" anthropomorphic creatures, i.e. those with digitgrade legs, claws instead of fingernails, proportions more similar to animals than humans. However, he will gladly draw almost any subject matter and theme if commissioned.

The furry fandom[edit]

Long before Dogsoul was a "Furry Artist," he was an avid Role-playing gamer. His favourite game was White Wolf's Werewolf: the Apocalypse, and he often played it both "tabletop" and online. Naturally, he began to illustrate what his characters looked like in various forms. A friend recommended that he post the pictures online on various galleries, which he did...and he found that when classifying his art, everyone lumped in his werewolves with "furries."

Never truly considering himself a "furry artist," he still feels more like a werecreature artist. It was not until 2006 that he even created a "furry" character.

Dogsoul's characters[edit]

Here are some of Dogsoul's characters, listed in alphabetical order.

Josiah - Szlachta from White Wolf's V:tM game; he has red hair, a tattoo and distinctive golden cross earring, and massive inhuman fangs.

Laban - Draekards are the creation of Psycrowe and Laban was created for playing in the now-defunct FDRP. He is a white Drae with purple hair and mismatched eyes, and green fin along his back (very unusual for his kind.

Mavado - The first and really only "furry" character Dogsoul has ever made. He is a brown dun mule gelding with tobiano markings. He also often dyes his mane/tail.

Njotr - A werewolf character, and Zane's son to boot. He has gray/black/white fur and has yet to make his RPing debut.

Phetish - Created for the sole purpose of drawing erotic art to sell, Phetish is a bay pinto NSH stallion who is often depicted in tack and with first-place ribbons.

Sloane - A former Furcadia-turned-Nightbane character. Dogsoul played on Furcadia briefly, but found it very unpleasant...very few people were willing to let him play with them. He rewrote Sloane to be playable in a tabletop Nightbane game. Sloane is a winged leopard-like creature.

Ulagan - A massive non-anthro Andrewsarchus; Dogsoul is very fascinated by ungulate creodonts and created this character to encourage himself to draw more prehistoric creatures and dinosaurs.

Zane - A werewolf most often recognised for having a missing right eye, though it has since (in the game anyways) been repaired. Zane is a blond masochist with (in wolf forms anyways) massive hairless pink ears.

Dougsoul's own species is mule or pony.[1]


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  1. Dogsoul aka Rantingmule on Livejournal. This journal is updated frequently.