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Dogbert is a megalomaniac pet dog of comic character Dilbert from the cartoon strip of the same name, drawn by Scott Adams.

Dogbert's Personality[edit]

Dogbert is shown to be extremely smart, being able to achieve what he desires. He is also both cynical and critical as well as uncaring and lazy. However, he has many canine traits such as wagging his tail when happy. He dislikes humans and constantly tries to conquer the world. He had succeeded doing so many times, but quickly stops ruling when he encounters problems, such as peace. His ways of achieving his goal varies, from simply taking advantage of one's stupidity to most difficult acts such as hypnosis. He still stands by his owner Dilbert, often giving him advices and helping him when he falls into a major problem (though he puts Dilbert into more trouble than he saves him from). He acts like a human and others treat him like one.

Dogbert's Origin[edit]

Dogbert first met Dilbert while he was a puppy at a dog pound. Teenaged Dilbert came one day, picking him as his pet. His best friend in the pound, Bingo, felt rejected because of this, and decided to take revenge against Dilbert and Dogbert. One day, Bingo kidnapped Dogbert in attempt to take ridiculous amount of ransom of Dilbert, ruining him. Bingo apparently left a caller ID with the ransom demand, so Dilbert tracked him down and rescued Dogbert. They became friends thereafter.

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