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Doctor Fox 2.0 at Midwest FurFest 2013.

Doctor Fox, also known as Doctor Red Fox or Leon (b. February 12, 1992)[1] is a fursuiter who lived in Normal, Illinois, USA while attending Illinois State University. He is originally from Carol Stream, Illinois. He currently resides in Midvale, Utah, USA. His fursona is a red fox named Leon Kemper. However, people just call him Doctor Fox.


Doctor Fox 2.0 was created by Made Fur You and was unboxed and debuted at Midwest FurFest 2013.Doctor Fox 1.0 fursuit was created by Tsebresos and was received on August 22, 2012.

Doctor Fox was often spotted around Illinois State University where he is a student studying chemistry. His fursuiting at Illinois State University's homecoming celebrations was noticed by the university. He was quoted in STATESide Magazine's "Homecoming: Your best tweets, posts and photos" article,[2] along with a link to a picture from the University's Flickr account.[3]

Other activities[edit]

Doctor Fox was named Co-Champion of the Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas 2014 along with Leon.

Doctor Fox is an active member of LAFF Bowling and formerly active with CILFCO. He has attended Anthrocon 2012, Anthrocon 2014, Midwest FurFest 2012, Midwest FurFest 2013, Further Confusion 2013, Further Confusion 2014, Fur Squared 2014, Motor City Furry Con 2014, Gateway FurMeet 2014, and IndyFurCon 2014


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