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Show artwork by Tani DaReal.

The ninth DoPE show, performed at Eurofurence 14, was titled "Dreamcatchers".

Plot summary[edit]

Poke meets a vampire bat girl named Sky in the middle of the night and a very close friendship develops, however Sky's father Lord Tarrion has other plans for Poke and especially for his daughter. His hunters roam the dreamworld looking for nightmares to serve as sustenance for the shadow world's inhabitants. This duty is dangerous and hard, so Lord Tarrion decides to use a secret substance, "Black Ice", to grant him the power to hold the dreamers prisoner in the dreamworld. While searching for the lost Poke, Mika, Lionel and Lori meet Finlay, who has fortified a warehouse and hides from the hunters. He has been stuck in the dreamworld for 20 years and helps the group on their search for Poke and their escape from the dreamworld...




  • Cheetah



  • Reesa (Finlay's wife)
  • Pan (Florence, Finlay's daughter, bat couple)
  • Xan (bat couple, Hunter 1)
  • Eisfuchs (the imperator, Hunter 2)
  • o'wolf (mocking bat)
  • Tigerseye (mocking bat)


  • Tigerseye
  • o'wolf
  • Reesa
  • Xan
  • Pan
  • FinFarenath
  • Zefiro
  • C J
  • Eisbaer



  • TaniDaReal (backdrops)
  • EosFoxx (backdrops)
  • Mylo (backdrops)
  • Pan (Finlay's and Lori's dream pictures)
  • Eisbaer: (the dream bridge)


  • Three rod puppets were created from scratch especially for the show: Lord Tarrion, Sky and a large version of Sky that was used in the ending sequence and was operated by 4 people on stage. Sky was built three times before the final version met expectations.
  • The hotel bar served a special cocktail called "Black Ice" during the convention, created by Hairless Master.

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