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The eighth DoPE show was titled "The Unlucky Thirteen", the theme of Eurofurence 13.

Plot summary[edit]

Lionel, Mika and Lori travel to Las Vegas for vacation. They meet a tiger tourist guide named Monty, who offers them a free city tour. When Lori sees the tiger, she remembers seeing him before in a dream, and Monty seems to remember her. While they are alone, he tells her the true story of Las Vegas and his role therein. He sends them on a mission, to enter a bar called "The Unlucky Thirteen" and to perform an old ritual, so the city and the whole world won't fall into darkness. But nobody seems to remember the old bar, and not even Monty has the chance to help the friends, because the evil is already within the group...




  • Cheetah


  • Lynard (Lionel, O. Deere Salesman, Janitor 1, Security Guard, Frank)
  • Eisfuchs (Lori, Panda, Marie Lynn)
  • TaniDaReal (Mika, Janitor 2)
  • FinFarenath (Monty, Bart from ZZ-Top 1, Hotel Security Guard, Jehovah's Witness 1)
  • Tigerseye (Zombie 1, Slip-Boy 3 und 4, Pound guard, Bored Guy 1, Anti-Terror-Unit 1)
  • Zefiro (Zombie 2, Slip-Boy1 and 2, Bystander 2, Posaunists, cleaner)
  • Xan (Beard of ZZ-Top 2, Zombie 3, Anti-Terror-Unit 2, Marie Lynn (paws))
  • o'wolf (Beard of ZZ-Top 3, Gardening Tool 1, Bystander 1 and 3, Bored Guy 2, Anti-Terror-Unit 3, Jehovah's Witness 2)
  • C J (Gardening Tool 2)


  • C J: veterinary


  • Yappyfox (Jeff Castbroad)
  • Simba (Eddie Rodia)
  • Jeff Straub (Audiologo)




  • A gag from the second show was reused in Scene 1, where the foreground stayed static while the background props were moving to illustrate a moving scene.
  • To shorten the stage time, the stage modification time was used for radio shorts that told a part of the story. For the KQWY99.1-FM-Logo a special professional speaker from US was commissioned. The radio speakers were also professionals.
  • A special puppet was created by Xan and Tigerseye for the show, performed by Xan and Eisfuchs.
  • Because of his move to the UK, Fairlight wasn't able to make it to the show which is why Poke is missing from the story. The panda was played by Eisfuchs.
  • According to reports at least 200 people were simultaneously moved to tears.
  • Additional props came from Pan Hesekiel Shiroi and Mylo.

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