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The second DoPE show was titled Medieval Madness and took place at Eurofurence 7 in 2001.

Plot summary[edit]

Due to a mistake by Poke our heroes are transported back into medieval times and have to survive a number of adventures to return to the present.




  • Eisfuchs



Stage hands[edit]




  • Instead of using the mobile pawpet stage, a place behind the regular stage area was kept free, and a honed wooden beam was mounted between the light trussings as a playrail - the puppets' acting area.
  • Due to the low ceiling of the hall, the puppeteers needed to play on their knees or sitting on chairs.
  • This was the first show with a complete storyline
  • Ye Mighty Ol' Plothole was an old hula hoop
  • Concluding the events from the last year, Poke and Thalian got married after the show
  • Another fursuiter was originally meant to play the role of 21st Century Fox. However, during the last act of the show, the puppeteers received the message that he wouldn't be able to perform so a replacement had to be found and prepared while the show was still running. Fjordwolf got a radio built into his suit to follow the impromptu orders of the team. Unfortunately, the earphones slipped from his ears when he stepped onto the stage and he was unable to hear the director's commands. Nevertheless, he did a great performance as if nothing had happened.
  • Thalian performed his role as Captain of the Guards without using a microphone, but at times was still louder than the puppeteers using microphones.

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