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Eurofurence 20 Pawpet Show "Keepers of the Light" poster, drawn by Pan Hesekiel Shiroi

The fifteenth DoPE show, performed at Eurofurence 20, was titled "Keepers of the Light".

Plot summary[edit]

The plot given in the show's promotional flyer read:

DoPE Show 15
In a world of darkness, are you fit enough to carry the flame of truth?

To be a healer means to help and protect those in need; a duty that Riversong readily takes on when he meets the white vixen Frostwind, who is plagued by the creatures of the night and the darkness within herself. A chance encounter that changes his world forever - a world built on tradition, belief and trust in the knowledge of their leaders, about to be shaken to its very core. Never again will the people of Ferndale look upon the Holy Mountain with the same eyes.

DoPE Show 15


Written by[edit]

Directed by[edit]

  • Cheetah


Voice/Body: Pan Hesekiel Shiroi
Hands played by: Liam
  • Riversong (Cat)
Voice/Body: Eisfuchs
Hands played by: Tigerseye
Voice/Body: Runo
Hands played by: Dragony
  • Great Overseer Ironwill (Wolf)
Voice/Body: Jyanon
Hands played by: Curry
  • Chippytooth (Rat)
Voice/Body: Lynard
Hands played by: Kayjay
  • Lord Eldercrown (Stag)
Voice/Body: o'wolf
Hands played by: Reesa
Voice/Body: Curry
Hands played by: Jyanon
  • Bitternut (Wolf)
Voice/Body: Zefiro
Hands played by: Reesa
Voice/Body: Lynard
Hands played by: Kayjay
Voice/Body: Dragony
Hands played by: o'wolf
  • Stormrunner (Fox)
Voice/Body: Runo
Hands played by: Reesa
Voice/Body: Eisfuchs
Hands played by: Tigerseye

Additional Voice Actors[edit]




Sound Design[edit]

  • Cheetah


Pre-Recording / Live-Sound[edit]

  • Jaryic

Video Clips[edit]

  • Cheetah
  • Eisfuchs
  • o'wolf
  • Pan Hesekiel Shiroi

Special FX Engineers[edit]

Intro video artwork[edit]

Poster art[edit]

  • Pan Hesekiel Shiroi

Set Design[edit]

Character design[edit]

Puppet building[edit]

Backdrops & prop building[edit]


  • Blue_Panther

RAT (Remote Audio Trigger) System[edit]

(Remote controlled system custom made and used by the pawpeteers with the stage techs to cue sound effects while playing live.)

  • Kayjay
  • Zefiro


Fox Amoore composed an official soundtrack of this PawPet show both on cd and digital download.[1]

Guest musicians[edit]

  • Colson / Travis Ratledge
  • RhubarbTheBear
  • Cosmik
  • Ashley Serena
  • JWolf
  • Shay & Acuro
  • Dolphin Boy / Joe Bisbey


  1. Keepers of the Light - Opening Theme 03:17
  2. Out of the Darkness 03:42
  3. The Festival of Lights 11:18
  4. A Fair Trial 08:10
  5. The Camp 06:26
  6. The Keepers Sanctuary 06:49
  7. Into the Light 11:59
  8. End Montage 10:39
  9. Keepers of the Light - Suite 04:30


  • The Aperture Cola cans and soda machine were a reference to the Aperture Science facility in the game Portal. The texts on the Aperture Cola can read:[2]
DoPE Show 15


  Sugar, Aspartame, 
  Saccharin, Glucose, 
  Water, artificial 
  coloring, artificial 
  Best before: λ 50.000 years
  Delicious and moist




  Contains Neurotoxin
  Glados approved
DoPE Show 15


Information about: plot, cast and crew directly taken from promotional flyer.

Site references[edit]

  1. [1] Bandcamp - Fox Amoore - Keepers of the Light (the official soundtrack)
  2. [2] Twitter posted picture of Aperture Cola can


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