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Show artwork by Tani DaReal.

The fourteenth DoPE show, performed at Eurofurence 19, was titled "End Tide".

Plot summary[edit]

The Hawaiian Islands - beautiful swaying palm trees, long stretches of white and black sand beaches, and warm, tropical breezes day and night. When Savannah van Camp sets out to take part in a student exchange project at the University of Honolulu, she was looking forward to spend a few days in a tropical paradise. But the moment she sets foot on Oahu, things start to turn out quite different, and before she knows it she finds herself embroiled in an eco-thriller of epic proportions where everything is at stake. Will what once was a paradise be lost forever ?


Written by[edit]

Directed by[edit]

  • Cheetah


  • Makani (Bat)
Voice: Eisfuchs
Played by: Eisfuchs, Tigerseye
  • Savannah (Serval)
Voice: Pan Hesekiel Shiroi
Played by: Pan Hesekiel Shiroi, Liam
  • Monica (Marten)
Voice: TaniDaReal
Played by: TaniDaReal, Reesa
  • Bailey (German Shepherd)
Voice: Lynard
Played by: Lynard, Jyanon

Additional puppeteers & stage hands[edit]

Additional Voice Actors[edit]

  • CJ
  • KayJay
  • Kyron
  • o'wolf
  • Runo
  • Shay

Off-Duty Puppeteers[edit]




Sound effects[edit]

  • Cheetah


Pre-Recording / Live-Sound[edit]

Backstage leads[edit]

  • Reesa
  • Zefiro
  • Furvan

Special FX Engineers[edit]

Poster art[edit]

  • TaniDaReal

Character design[edit]

Puppet building[edit]

  • Furtech
  • Furvan
  • Henrieke
  • Karpour
  • Tioh

Backdrops & prop building[edit]

Lifts & Curtains[edit]

RAT System[edit]

(Remote controlled system custom made and used by the pawpeteers with the stage techs to cue sound effects while playing live.)

  • Kayjay
  • Zefiro

Special thanks[edit]

  • ConFuzzled Pawpet Show - For being such a wonderful source of inspiration and advice
  • Dhary, Ayun, Furball - For providing the stage workshop facilities
  • All artists who contributed their artwork for the opening video
  • All musicians and vocalists involved in the production of the soundtrack of this show
  • KwisA for helping to build the Pawpet stage
  • Mendra & Zefiro - For providing their large format printer
  • ... and everyone else who made this show possible.


  • Savannah, the main character, was originally designed to wear yellowish sport glasses. These were knocked off by the suitcase in the airport scene early on and didn't reappear.
  • In the alley scene, Mika appeared (briefly) from the first trash bin.
  • In the same scene, the second trash bin was very sinister. If you looked at the 'making of video', one of the annotations described the bin as containing 'Zuul'.
  • A helium filled remote controlled (zeppelin) shark was used to spice up the underwater scene.
  • This is first DoPE Pawpet show that has a soundtrack produced on CD which is for sale.


  • All credits and plot summary taken directly from the promotional flyer

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