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Show artwork by Tani DaReal.

The thirteenth DoPE show, performed at Eurofurence 18, was titled "Pompeii".

Plot summary[edit]

The ruins of Pompeii are like a snapshot of ancient history, frozen in time, preserved under the ashes of Mount Vesuvius. They are like a book waiting to be read, page by page and each discovery is like the headline of a new, exciting chapter. However, it is an unfinished story, a plot that ends in many dangling threads just like the lives of thousands abruptly ended on August 24th, 79AD. What if you could pick up one of these threads and write your own chapter? After all, there is no fate. Just a world of possibilities...


Written by[edit]

Directed by[edit]

  • Cheetah


  • Marcus (Red Fox)
Voice: Fairlight
Played by: Fairlight, o'wolf
  • Vinnie (Rat)
Voice: Eisfuchs
Played by: Eisfuchs, Tigerseye
  • Vesonia (Arctic Vixen)
Voice: TaniDaReal
Played by: TaniDaReal, Nightfox
  • Aurelia (Arctic Vixen)
Voice: Pinky
Played by: Pinky, Pan Hesekiel Shiroi

Additional puppeteers & stage hands[edit]


Additional Voice Actors[edit]

  • CJ
  • Furvan
  • Kyron
  • Tigerseye
  • Pan Hesekiel Shiroi
  • Pinky
  • Reesa
  • Runo
  • Zefiro



Sound effects[edit]

  • Cheetah


Pre-Recording / Live-Sound[edit]

Backstage leads[edit]

  • Reesa
  • Zefiro
  • Furvan


Poster art[edit]

  • TaniDaReal

Character design[edit]

Puppet building[edit]

Set Design[edit]

  • TaniDaReal

Backdrops & prop building[edit]

Special thanks[edit]

  • ConFuzzled Pawpet Show - For being such wonderful source of inspiration and advice
  • Sir William Bellicose - For being our British guest actor
  • Dhary, Ayun, Furball - For providing the stage workshop facilities
  • Lance Ikegawa and Tioh - For the amazing work on the puppets
  • Henrieke - For storyboard and character designs
  • Mendra & Zefiro - For providing their large format printer
  • ... and everyone else who made this show possible.


  • During the tree scene, one of the puppeteers was wearing leaves on their head.


  • Information about: plot, credits, puppeteer cast and special thanks directly taken from promotional flyer

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