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Dnapalmhead (or DNA for short, and sometimes (incorrectly) DNApalmhead) was a writer and artist, dealing almost exclusively in anthro-macrophilic themes. An avid growth/giant lover, his works covered a range of sizes, with written and drawn characters ranging from Godzilla-sized to planet-sized, and well beyond.
A relaxed pose of DNA, a curious mixture of species, rolled into a decidedly draconic form.

His online persona (or fursona) was a scalie- a 444-foot tall, size-changing hybrid dragon, mixing the features of rabbits, wolves, lizards, and kangaroos into one. While he seemed to have a preference for dragons, other species were also constantly explored and depicted in his works, with a moderate balance between both male and female genders.

Most of his work ranged from clean to soft-core, though he was known to have done some explicit/adult work as well. In the beginning of his works, his style tended towards black-and-white pencil, with some occasional ink, and his only consistently-inked work was his macro/megamacro comic "Free Lunch" series, whereas almost all of his normal work was done only in pencil and, very rarely, pencil-crayon. However, towards the end he shifted towards entirely digital media. His style was especially notable for its extreme attention to detail.

A member of the anthro-macro community since 2002, he spent most of his time popping off and on, constantly appearing and disappearing in various forums online, and leaving a trail of growth-themed lunacy in his wake. Originally a Texas fur, he returned to Austin in late 2007.

In late 2017, DNA announced his retirement from the furry scene, expressing a desire to move on from macro-fur related artworks. After several months, he took down his gallery on Fur Affinity and disabled his page. Dnapalmhead continues to update and sell comics at his shop on e-junkie.

Dnapalmhead's E-Comic Shop

Dnapalmhead continues to update and sell comics at his shop on e-junkie, after having retired from the community. New comics such as "Fed Up" that has never been seen on FurAffinity can be found at this shop, as well as the current and ongoing Boob Camp which has surpassed 750 pages to date. As of July 2018, Dnapalmhead has announced new comics will continue to be posted after Boob Camp's conclusion, should people still express interest in purchasing his work. This is the only place the artist seems to still be active, by his own words.

Dnapalmhead further stated a preference to keep email contact relegated to business matters concerning his comic sales. He no longer takes commissions.

Major works

Individual commissions, stories, multi-part comics and pictures could all formerly be found on his webpage, originally hosted by Xendrian Dragon, but the site vanished some time ago. For a time he had a new site, at http://dna.twinstudios.net. This site has since gone offline. Also, until his departure, most images (including the complete Free Lunch comic) were available at Fur Affinity and Macrophile.com. At the time of his departure, he took his works offline. Some, however, can still be found on his online store.

His written works dealt almost completely in macrophilic fanfics covering TV shows and video games alike, from stories with characters from the Free Willy and Tasmania animated series, to Poke-/Digimon, to the Super Smash Bros. video game characters, etc.


  • Super Smash Bros. A ten-part growth epic featuring many of Nintendo's flagship anthro characters, most notably StarFox's Fox McCloud and Mario's Bowser, as well Pokemon's villainous Mewtwo. The story (such as it is) revolves around the effects of "giga-mushrooms" which are like the growth-inducing Super Mushrooms from the Mario series, but infinitely more powerful. Several reversals occur as Bowser and StarFox try to outgrow each other (and outgrow the universe many times over), with Mewtwo scheming to sap enough energy to overtake and outgrow them both while a crew of other characters (also growing at various rates) try to stop him. The story is perhaps most notable for its use of Very Large Numbers, such as Quinquacentillion (or 10 with 1,503 zeroes after it).
  • Way To Go, Einstein is a three-part story written for Cetas featuring the non-anthro dolphin Einstein from the Free Willy animated series. In the story, he's exposed to an experimental ray that causes him to grow whenever he's in contact with water, which, being a dolphin, leads to predictable results. This story, as well as Super Smash Bros., are completely non-sexual, though macro-fans may obviously appreciate them differently.


  • Free Lunch, a recently finished comic (up to 117 pages as of November 2008) has been running in a kind of slow online syndication since 2003 on varying forums, starting back at Lofty Bearing and the DNA Independent website, then passing on through Macrophile.com, and currently residing at Fur Affinity. The comic, though built around a sci-fi story, mostly consists of a near-nonstop string of growth spurts shared by the two main characters, a nameless male lizard and a female seahorse scientist named Bliss, as they steadily mutate and outgrow more and more of the world. The story has reached its conclusion.
    The ever-growing, nameless Lizard from "Free Lunch".
  • Big Gulp, a brief 9-image sequence of weight-gain gone mad, done in conjunction with Tombfyre Dragon around 2002. The series showcases inflation as well as straight-up growth. It consists of the giant DNA positioned next to a cliff, as a series of food-trucks dump their goods into his ever-growing mouth while his body balloons around him. A flash-animated version of the series has been released. One by Gutierrez found here.
  • There is also an as-yet-unnamed comic of which four very sketchy pages were apparently 'leaked' onto the net in the early 2000's (though they were also hosted on his website), involving muscle inflation and progressive mutation of a creature apparently too powerful for his own (or certainly everybody else's) good. The dialogue in the comic suggests a lot of story both before and after the 4 pages (which included page numbers in the low 200's), but how much more there actually is remains unclear. On December 3rd 2007, he uploaded the first 36 pages of the comic, after stating in a previous journal entry that he would begin uploading sections of the comic weekly. He eventually uploaded 317 pages.
  • D.S., an abbreviation of "Diamond Skies", was only revealed in a brief 6-page comic-style teaser. From what little has been posted, it seemed to revolve around a human girl stuck in a world of furry creatures and, sure enough, giants. Not much was known about the project, as the teaser was released back in 2002.
    A page out of the teaser from "D.S.".

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