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Djem (born April 26, 1990),[1] also known as Djemloup, is a fursuiter who lives in Lille, France.[2] His fursona is Emile, a white and blue winged wolf.[2]

Djem owns two fursuits of Emile. The first was made by Sophie Cabra and Jill0r, and the second by Rarakie.[2] He also owns two other fursuits:

  • MidNight, a black wolf with purple facial stripes. MidNight was built by Albrecht.[3]
  • WolfSprit, a blue and white wolf whom Djem built himself.[4]

Convention and furmeet activities[edit]

Djem is on the staff of Furry Weekend Holland 2013, dealing with Audio/Video.[5] He was previously the main organiser of the February, 2008, Brussels Furmeet, owning the house where it was held and acting as fursuit dance mixer.

At Eurofurence 17, Djem was a backdrop and prop builder for DoPE Show 12.


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