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Dive Fox, also known as Divefox, Jamie Forius, FireBall, SymbolKitsune, AnalogKitsune, the iKitsune, Raksin, Dimensional Kitsune, and InkPalion (real name William Joseph Shaw Jr.), is a furry fan from Memphis, Tenessee, USA. He currently resides in Acworth, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. His fursona is a three tailed Kitsune.

Convention attendance[edit]


DiveFox on Judge Mathis

Judge Mathis[edit]

Divefox is best known for have appeared on the Judge Mathis court show when Brady and Cloud Tamer took him on the show in 2004 for alleged back rent, and for damages to Brady's vehicle, a '97 green Ford Contour, which DiveFox wrecked while on a trip. DiveFox counter sued for damage to the hood of his truck, loss of oil, and a missing Toshiba Satellite laptop.

During the proceedings the story was told of the car wreck where DiveFox totaled Brady's car, and it was revealed that DiveFox asked a paramedic to retrieve his laptop. It was then that Judge Mathis made the joke[clarify] which became the now popular catch phrase, "Don't Forget My Internet."[citation needed]

The show's results were as follows: Mathis decided Brady was owed $2000 for his car that was totaled. Mathis said the plaintiffs gave the car a blue book value of $3200, which Mathis noted was for it being in “excellent tip-top shape”.

Mathis further noted that Divefox gave the car a blue book value of $1600, which Mathis commented that was “fair condition”. Mathis decided the median between the two blue book values was $2000. Cloudtamer got 1/2 the rent awarded to him that was asked for. Dive got his laptop back on the show and $100 for the hood of his truck. The oil leak was deemed a pre-existing condition with the truck and was not awarded anything for that.

Fandom interaction[edit]

  • Divefox is active on Telegram in furry chat rooms, where he uses the name Raksin
  • DiveFox was banned from Anthrocon in 2001 for assaulting another fur, according to Douglas Muth, otherwise known as Giza, who is a long-serving Anthrocon board member.[1]
  • DiveFox has been accused of meeting unsuspecting furs on the internet, befriending them, and convincing them to let him move in with them. Once established within the fur's home, he would allegedly refuse to get a job or pay bills, before moving on.[2] [3]
  • DiveFox has been accused of relations with minors[4] [5], and stalking other furs.[6]


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