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Disturbia Wolf (born October 1988) is a male fursuiter from the South Side of Glasgow in Scotland. He grew up in the Ayrshire town of Irvine and moved to Glasgow in 2011. Disturbia has been a furry since late 2008 but has been an observer of the community since at least 2006.


Disturbia Wolf by OrlandoFox
James the Roo by OrlandoFox

Disturbia Wolf was the first character he created. The character concept came around in late 2008. Disturbia Wolf is a grey wolf with a brown mane, in character he is very playful, happy, somewhat bouncy and energetic and loves hugs. Disturbia Wolf can be seen walking around at a convention near you on a regular basis and is very outgoing.

James the Roo is Disturbia's alternate critter. The character concept came around in 2012. James the Roo is his player's less joyful and more obnoxious side and is more likely to beat you than hug you. He is far less outgoing than Disturbia. The concept for the critter came around in 2012.


Disturbia has his own fursuit, made by MixedCandy in 2010/11.


Disturbia Wolf is very active in the furry community and is the organiser of the Glasgow furmeets, usually held in the last Saturday of every 2 months. He regularly attends conventions in the USA.

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