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Sexy Witch
This is about the person. For the extinct species, see dire wolf. For George RR Martin's fictional species, see Direwolves (television) or Direwolf (novels). For the species in Dungeons&Dragon, see Dire wolf.

Direwolf is the handle of amateur furry artist, Brian Stone. Brian began drawing in 2003 as a hobby and has primarily concentrated on adult-oriented, non-nude, female anthropomorphic subjects in pose. However, he plans to eventually expand his skills into a long-run webcomic entitled, BPI, which is short for, Brenda : Private Investigator.

While he maintains a distinct interest in furry art, Brian doesn't consider himself to be a furry, per se, and he has no fursona. The handle "Direwolf" was actually the name of a character that he created on a MUD called Hidden Worlds in 1993, and it just stuck.

Education and employment[edit]

Brian has a Bachelor's degree in computer science, and has nearly completed his Master's degree. He is currently employed as a professional software engineer for Microsoft.

Artistic influences[edit]

Brian has been greatly influenced by artists such as Jay Naylor, Eric W. Schwartz, and Max Black Rabbit. Between 2003 and 2004, he volunteered as a new applicant moderator for the VCL.

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