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Dionysius Tragos ( el. Διονύσιος Τράγος ), is a fursuiter, and former AltFurry and Furry Raider administrator, who lives in Wilmore, Kentucky, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Dionysius was the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of the social group, Furry Raiders, and a former member of the AltFurry Discord server.


Dionysius's fursona is a goat that almost always shown wearing a himation.


Controversial art[edit]

Dionysius commissioned a piece of art depicting himself throwing political and ideological opposites, Deo Tas Devil, Boiler Roo, and Junius Arrakis, out of a helicopter to their implied doom (deaths).


Dionysius was present at the Furrydelphia 2017's hotel despite being banned by the convention for being part of AltFurry and threatening to run over other con-goers with his truck.[1]


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