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Left to right: Dinosaucers Allo, Brontothunder, and Teryx.

The Dinosaucers is an animated television series produced in 1987 by Coca-Cola Telecommunications and distributed by DIC, lasting only one season. Nonetheless, The Dinosaucers is popular among the herpetophiles in the furry fandom.

The series starred two factions of alien-evolved dinosaurs from the planet Reptilon who end up landing on Earth:

  • The Dinosaucers, the "good guys" that just want to live in peace and defend their new home. They possess a technology called Dinovolution, which allows them to "de-evolve" into their full-sized, Earth-dinosaur "ancestors". The Dinosaucers meet a group of humans who help them in defending Earth from the Tyrannos.
  • The Tyrannos, who want to take over the Earth by force. They seek the Dinovolution technology, which would give them the sheer strength needed to conquer the Dinosaucers.


  • Allo - Allosaurus leader of the Dinosuacers.
  • Brontothunder - Brontosaurus who generally provides the muscle for the team.
  • Dimetro - Dimetrodon chief technician and maintainer of the Dinosaucers' equipment.
  • Teryx - Archaeopteryx scout who can fly and is the only female.
  • Genghis Rex - Tyrannosaurus Rex leader of the Tyrannos who seeks to conquer Earth.
  • Ankylo - Ankylosaurus who frequently messes up Rex's plans.


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