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Dineegla is the moose fursona of furry artist Kristiaan Michells.

The player[edit]

Kristiaan Michells, now retired, was a Fine Arts Educator for over thirty years and served as Department Head for eighteen years. He received a doctorate in Fine Arts, and Masters degrees in Religious Studies/Music, and Graphic Arts at a fully accredited University.[1]

Currently living in Chicago, Illinois, United States, Michells has exhibited his art in over thirty cities and major galleries. In addition to his artwork, Kristiaan is a musician, and has taught music, music education, several Choirs, Afro-Cubano drumming groups, and has Equity in theatre. Kristiaan now works in administration and does freelance artwork.[2]

The fursona[edit]

Dineegla is an Alaskan Moose from North Dakota via Canada. His full name is Dineegla G. Alces. "Dineegla," which is actually a modified spelling of "DINEEGA," comes from the Athabaskan language, meaning "large, lanky moose". The "G." stands for "Gigantic", as per his species' scientific name Alces alces gigas.

Dineegla's "life story" can be found on Dineegla's Arctic Journal.[3]

Dineegla's furry art tends towards musclefurs and photomorph. He currently has a series called "mAnimals" on deviantART, as well as Photo-Anthropomorphic Musclefurs on Fur Affinity.

Dineegla and his mate, MuscleWolf [4], have created a "online gym" called The Furocity Gym. It does not have a home website as of yet, but a developmental branch of it can be found at The Furocity Gym on Yahoo Groups


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