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The Digimon Hentai Zone (DHZ) was a website founded in late-2002 by Sonimon and Serj focused on the posting & hosting of Digimon art and fanfics, called 'lemons.' It sprung from the website Digiartist's Domain.

The Digimon Hentai Zone
Author(s) Webmaster: Sonimon
  • Co-Webmaster: Serj
Status Closed
Launch date 21 Sep 2002
End date 08 Aug 2006

The DHZ was formed on 21 Sep 2002 by Serj and Sonimon. It was created as a place to host and post adult Digimon related content. Specifically art and fan-fictions, called 'lemons'. Sometime around 15 Jul 2006 one of the admins, Sonimon, updated the homepage with a message.

  • "The End. Yup, The DHZ is officially shutting down. If you're wondering why, it's because this site is sort of dead. I'll be honest, people, I stopped caring about Digimon hentai around two years ago. I've been keeping this site up and running because I felt the fanbase and many familiar faces liked the site and wanted it to stay. With interest in Digimon fading away and many of the old board members having mostly left, I feel that now is as good a time as any to shut this place down. I'm going to pay for the month of July so people can say their goodbyes via the board, but once that's over, this place will be gone."

Nearly a month later, on 03 Aug 2006. The homepage was once again updated. This time with a message that the board had come under new ownership after Sonimon had stated it was shutting down.

  • "The end is just the beginning. Hi. We're you're friendly neighborhood web hosts. We've hosted Sonimon for two years now. Sonimon's a great guy, we really like him around here. Hell, anyone with the wherewithall to run an adult site with this particular subject matter has GOT to have some stones. We like communities, it's what the internet is about. You guys have a great little community going here, and we'd like to see it continue. We host several other forum sites, and we'd love to keep you guys in the family. Don't go anywhere. Give us a couple of days to get the forums back up, and get a couple of things revamped on the site. The Phoenix will rise.... The guys at Ketnar and ServerCave - 8/3/06."

Despite promises from the new owners to keep the website hosted, in Jun of 2007 the homepage was replaced with a plain white page and the site never returned.