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Diezel Raccoon's fursuit

Diezel Raccoon (born July 18, 1988),[1] is a fursuiter and babyfur who lives in Dallas, Texas, USA.[2]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Diezel's Creature Arts' ban (mail)
Diezel's and US Goverment intervention


Diezel's fursona is a raccoon.


Diezel owns three fursuits of his raccoon fursona:

Convention attendance[edit]

Fursonas documentary[edit]

In 2016, Diezel was one of the individuals featured in the Fursonas documentary.[3]

"Big and round" meme[edit]

This meme came about on January 12, 2021, when after Diezel tweeted:

Diezel Raccoon
You leftist furs amaze me. Like seriously calling anyone that disagrees with you a Nazi or racist. like seriously do you know you could actually be a productive citizen instead of wasting your time being a keyboard warrior?[4]
Diezel Raccoon

Star Raccoon replied to the tweet with:

Diezel Raccoon
A coup was attempted to over throw the government and install a dictator as the leader of this country.
Diezel Raccoon

Which Diezel replied to with the now infamous:

Diezel Raccoon
I like you deeply as a friend and I'm going to choose not to even respond to you. *inflates you making you big and round*[citation needed]
Diezel Raccoon

Which quickly became a popular meme in furry Twitter, with fandom personae such as Boozy Badger commenting on it, and with some furry businesses created merchandise based on the phrase.[5]


Convention ban[edit]

On April 2021, Diezel was banned by Texas based Creature Arts from attending their local events (Furry Fiesta and Furry Fiesta),[6] citing the following:

Diezel Raccoon
Your statements online in social media are inconsistent with these efforts(*) and inconsistent with our stated anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies. As such we have determined that you will not be permitted to attend Creature Arts events.
Diezel Raccoon

While in the end Creature Arts stated their decision was final, he was given the opportunity to appeal it around 2026.

(*) "(Creature Arts) endeavor of delivering quality events to our (even) attendees and to keep the environment in our events safe, friendly, and fun, (while holding) ourselves to high standards of ethical conduct to ensure our visiting attendees feel welcome."

US Goverment intervention[edit]

Under the Twitter aliases @TruthJustice87 and @FurryFairness, Diezel Raccoon tried to convince Senator Ted Cruz, Congressman Louie Gohmert, Texas' Governor Greg Abbott,[7][8] and the City of Dallas, that the "furry fandom" was trying to silence the Republican Conservative voices within it, specifically by the "BLM/Antifa furries", more concretly those attending Texas Furry Fiesta and Texas Furry Siesta in Dallas, Texas.

Diezel deleted both accounts when called upon it.[9]


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