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Didymus (aka "Didy") is a badger currently living in Montreal, Québec.


Didymus is a European badger, usually wearing loose clothing and jeans. He thoroughly enjoys killing zombies. He also has a penchant for very breasted, scantily-clothed females of various species.

Human Counterpart[edit]

He's a regular at Feral, to a point where Hiker has given him the title of "'World's Worst' world's worst player".

The player behind Didymus is known to look a lot like Silent Bob. Some of his favourite things in life are anything Zombie-related and boobs, especially the bigger kind.

All in all, Didymus is known to be awesome and funny. he tends to speak his mind no matter what and is known to offend, though in a rather humourous way, sensibilities as he often "talks out of his ass", so to speak. He should always be taken with a grain of salt and anyone with a good sense of humour will enjoy his company.

Despite his tendency to say stupid things[1][2][3], he can also hold very deep and intelligent conversations and should not be set aside despite the initial idea most people can have of him.


Didymus is oftentimes seen playing Team Fortress 2 on the Furry Pound servers and is hated/loved by many (depending on which team he ends up being).


Didymus is known to game, as well as sleep. Breaking peoples' minds is something that is always on his mind.


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