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Didi & Friends Astro Ceria Promo
Astro and Digital Durian Collaboration

Didi and Friends , is a Malaysian 3D animated series produced by Measat Broadcast Network System Sdn Bhd and DD Animation Studio Sdn Bhd. This animated series is published by Digital Durian company and aired on YouTube on May 15, 2014.


The characters in this series are inspired from the Serama chicken. The Serama chicken is a unique type of chicken, its body is small, its chest is in front and fluffy tails.

  • Didi - Didi always asked what, why, where and how. His feathers are brown he wears a red hat with yellow "Didi" text on it.
  • Jojo - Jojo knows ABC and Alif. Jojo's feathers are white and Jojo wears purple glasses and green clothes.
  • Nana - Nana is cute, smart and polite. Nana wears a ribbon on her head and a pink dress. Nana also wears a yellow necklace with a pink "N" letter.

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