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Kadath (born June 7th) is an artist who focuses on African and Asian anthros.[1] His most popular creations are Diamond the zebra, Puzzle the giraffe, Glitter the gazelle, and Olivia the oryx. His fursona is a giraffe. He is in relationship with Kaylii.

Some of Kadath's erotic comics include:

  • Day In, Day Out with Diamond (2006)[2]
  • Far Too Hard (2007)[3]
  • Morning Bath (2009)[4]
  • Too Much to Handle (preview 2010;[5] print 2012)[6]
  • Dangerous Bedroom Behaviour (promo 2011)[7]
  • Misplaced Virtues (print 2014), part of the Olivia webseries[8]
  • The Pleasure Principle (print 2016), part of the Olivia webseries[8]
  • Share and Share Alike (2016)[9]
  • Dynamite's Dating Dilemma (2018)[10]
  • Punished Puzzle (2019)[11]



Puzzle is a giraffe character created by Kadath. She is often seen partnered with Diamond, and is popular due to her sweet-natured, ditzy personality, and unique take on giraffes.


Puzzle's real name is Patricia Patel. She is nicknamed Puzzle for her puzzle-shaped spots and her ditzy personality. She is also the sister of Patrick.

Puzzle's parents were from Oxford, England, but their family was from Kenya. They moved to India before Puzzle was born. She was born and raised in India for the first eight years of her life, learning old-fashioned Indian English while living there. To this day, she still uses outdated Victorian phrases or words, though her accent is distinctly Oxford.

When she was eight, her parents moved back to England and she spent the rest of her life there. Puzzle's parents were doctors and were rich, but she decided to live on her own in London. She still keeps up with them through letters, and she also writes letters to her huge family that are spread all over Africa and Europe.


Puzzle is very innocent and child-like and is likable because of her ditsy personality. She is very gentle and nice, and tends to attract company. Her massive height puts off some people, and it has been a feature of her that she regrets quite often.


Puzzle is a big fan of British sitcoms and enjoys feel-good movies. She also loves to take care of animals and often visits the zoo. She is a bit of a nature-lover but she does not participate in any activist campaigns, unlike Glitter.


Puzzle gets along well with everybody, but especially with Diamond. After meeting her in the office of "Cumsplatter Toys Inc." where they both worked (and which Puzzle had no clue what an adult toy company was), Puzzle followed Diamond around like a puppy. Puzzle ended up living with Diamond because Puzzle unknowingly burnt down her flat by leaving her oven running while she went out (though unconfirmed rumours say it was somebody else committing arson). Diamond developed a crush on Puzzle, but didn't want her finding out about her stripper job. Puzzle followed her to the club one day and to Diamond's delight, enjoyed watching her dance and is now a regular customer. Though many assume she is a stripper herself, Puzzle can't dance and is rather shy about her body.

Puzzle and Diamond eventually formed a romantic relationship, which was a first for Puzzle. Diamond's polyamorous habits deeply bother Puzzle, however.

Puzzle has a rivalry with Midnight the cat, though she doesn't realise it. Midnight is an American intern and is very athletic and competitive. She never wants to lose, but she often challenges Puzzle to sports matches, most of which Puzzle has no clue how to play. However, Puzzle always wins by chance, and this infuriates Midnight to no end. Puzzle has no idea that Midnight resents her, though to everybody else it's obvious.

Puzzle took a stray cat under her wing and named him Disraeli. Diamond was introduced to Disraeli when she came home one day to find the kitchen a mess and Puzzle trying to keep Disraeli in a cooking pot (which wasn't heated yet). Puzzle admitted she was trying to surprise Diamond with a home-grown meal, but was confused when the ingredients included 'cat soup'. Being a herbivore, she didn't know what to do, especially since she didn't want to hurt Disraeli. Diamond read the ingredients and realised she misread catsup. All was forgiven and Disraeli is now Diamond and Puzzle's pet.


Puzzle appeared in Hit the Beach 2006, and an adults-only portfolio entitled "Pieces of the Puzzle" went on sale in Fall 2006. A humorous, adult one-shot comic written and drawn by Kadath about Diamond's daily life features Puzzle. It is as-yet unpublished.


Diamond the zebra, as drawn by Kadath

Diamond was the first character created by Kadath, and is his most popular, rivaled only by Puzzle. She is a purple-striped zebra who resides in London's East End.


Diamond's real name is Bridget Abdulmajid, and her nickname comes from a diamond-shaped marking on her forehead. She was born in Nigeria, and moved to England at a young age. Her parents were very traditional, and forced their daughter to retain her African values and not try to fit in with the English kids. This resulted in her being very shy and withdrawn, and the object of ridicule.

Then one day she met a native-born cheetah named Alex, who was a misfit and planned on becoming a rockstar. Diamond fell in love with him, seeing him as a kindred spirit. Alex told Diamond to do what she wanted and never let others control her. Diamond took this to heart and began to dress and act like other English girls. Diamond also became very sexually experienced with Alex and his friends at this time. Her parents were appalled and kicked her out of her home. At the same time, Alex moved away to pursue his musical dreams. Alone and distraught, Diamond moved to London to try to find a new life.

She began working at an adult toy company called "Cumsplatter Toys Inc." as a receptionist. Finding the job adequate but wanting more from life, she decided to visit a local strip club, called "The Safari". Upon hearing an 1980s song she really liked and beginning to dance to it, the manager noted the unusual zebra and decided to hire her as an exotic dancer. To this day, Diamond is the most popular girl at the club and frequently has trysts with co-workers and customers without her boss's knowledge.


Diamond is very outgoing and dominating in nature. While not particularly mean, she knows how to get her way.


Diamond secretly has an extreme fondness for cheesy 1940s and 1950s sci-fi movies. Her favourite movie is "Space Cats from Mars". The walls of her flat are adorned with vintage pulp movie posters and toys, and she has an enormous DVD collection of old films. She never lets anybody, except close friends, know that she is essentially a geek.

Diamond is obsessed with 80s music. It's the only music she allows to be played when she's performing at the club, because it's the only music that gets her going. From what little she's said about Alex to her friends, it's been surmised she prefers 80s music because that was the first type of music he introduced to her.


Diamond has had trysts with Vince the rhino, Dax the wolf, and Ruby the red panda, but she has had long-term relationships with Glitter the gazelle and Puzzle the giraffe, the latter who is her live-in girlfriend and main love. Diamond and Nightshade the jackal share an enmity of currently unknown origin, and they sometimes trade profane and demeaning insults. However, their hatred motivates them to avoid each other most of the time.


Glitter, drawn by Kadath

Glitter (real name: Victoria Wilcox) is a gazelle. She is a stripper at "The Safari". She was created and drawn by Kadath.

Glitter and her young brother moved to London when she was in her teens. They lived in the East End and barely scraped by. Then one day her brother was playing ball in the street when a drunk driver hit him and killed him. Glitter became so distraught that she developed a hatred towards native Brits.

Glitter stripped at "The Safari" to survive, since she became notoriously political and was often fired very quickly from regular day jobs. She found the strip club and it's all-exotic girls theme to be rather offensive, but she liked the girls there, particularly Diamond the zebra, enough to stay. She is in love with Diamond and wants to get her involved in her political groups, but Diamond has so far declined to join.

Glitter lives in a run-down flat and sleeps on the floor, which is covered with sheets. She is poor, but finds time to play acoustic guitar and compose songs which talk about her feelings. She has yet to have them published because of her strong anti-English political feelings. She is a part of several online pro-African immigrant groups and supports them with donations and participates in rallies. The donations she gives them are one of the reasons she is poor. Despite being very popular at "The Safari", she gives most of her money to the Immigrant Awareness Movemnt (I AM), which coaxes her to do so.

Ruby, drawn by Kadath


Ruby is a red panda. She is a stripper at "The Safari". Ruby is from Asia and is very intelligent but shy. She immigrated to England and does not know English too fluently. She is bothered by her communication barriers, but hangs out with the girls at the club, though she is often a tag along and chooses not to talk much.

Dax, as drawn by Kadath


Dax (real name: Dexter Smith) is a wolf living in London. He is a male stripper at "The Elephant's Trunk".

Dax has had an on-again, off-again relationship with Diamond, and is her favourite male companion. He is also rumoured to have a relationship with Vince, the bouncer at "The Safari" strip club.

Vince, as drawn by Kadath


Vince (real name: Vincent Strong) is a rhinoceros and is a bouncer at "The Safari" strip club. Though outwardly tough and imposing, he is deep down a really nice guy.

He has had trysts with Diamond, a stripper there, and Dax, a frequent customer. Dax is also a male stripper at "The Elephant's Trunk" and has tried to get Vince to dance there, though he has been unsuccessful thus far.

Currently there are plans for a Vince and Dax one-shot comic, intended for publication. The comic is yet unfinished.

Nightshade, drawn by Kadath


Nightshade is a jackal, Born in Egypt, raised in Scotland and is a stripper at "The Safari". Not much is known about her except that she is considered gothic and has a dark mystique about her. She does not get along with the other girls at "The Safari", mostly because of her rude behaviour and quiet nature.


Dynamite is a cheetah and a stripper at "The Safari". She is nicknamed Dynamite because, being a cheetah, she has extreme ADHD, but she takes medication to keep herself calm. However, she takes so much medication that she appears nonchalant and dull, but when the medicine wears off she explodes with energy, hence the nickname.

Olivia, drawn by Kadath


Olivia (real name: Olivia Delacroix) is a French-Canadian oryx who is the main character of a recent series of stories (unrelated to the characters and location of "The Safari" strip club) created by Kadath, currently being posted on Fur Affinity.[8][12]


Gabby (real name: Gabriella Lane) is a sheep who is Olivia's best friend.[8][12]


Patrick is Puzzle's brother.


Sebastian is a Saluki. He is of Dutch origin and works as a game developer. Sebastian is a great friend of benefits to Diamond and Puzzle; he also has an eye for Puzzle's brother, Patrick, and would jokingly tease the male giraffe from time to time. Sebastian sometimes smokes marijuana to unwind.


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