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The Dubbo in February Furmeet was a furmeet held during February at Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia. The event is based around a visit to the Western Plains Zoo and was organized by Fima. The name of the meet was encouraged by the general format of bigger Aus furmeets; (city in month,FUR) MiDFur.

Attendance was theoretically free (the cost really being in getting to Dubbo) with a small gift bag for each attendee; however, some locations, such as the zoo, require an entrance fee.[1]


Diffur was an annual event designed to encourage regional furs to start attending and starting their own furmeets and hang out in a relaxed atmosphere with some interesting people. Unfortunately after the initial pull of a new event and the idea of a regional meet, poor planning and execution as well as the lack of interest from those who were within a reasonable drive the interest of everyone waned, including the organiser.


The 2008 meet was held over February 22-24 with seven attendees: DDD, Treemeadow, Batty, Sebastian, Neelix. Tarushiri, and Fima. Attendees enjoyed a whole half of the zoo (not having the foresight to drive), videos, barbecues, and artings.[2][3]


The dates for the 2009 meet were set for February 20-22, with some more concrete plans. including a visit to the Shoyoen Japanese gardens.[4] Neelix came all the way from Melbourne again, for which he received big props, Tarushiri also arrived. Bowling, movies, art jams and arriving at the shoyoen gardens before seeing everyone off.


Due to several factors including work, family and waning interest due to the long distance the event was cancelled, then the organiser Fima, moved to Melbourne, Victoria, finishing off the event.


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