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DEX (a.k.a. Clarke Braudis and AcesWild) is a fursuiter and magician from Norwood, Massachusetts well-known for both his performances at convention masquerades (Anthrocon 2003: Magic Trick (in Vespa (wasp) costume), Anthrocon 2004: Robotic Raccoon, Anthrocon 2005: The Magic of Dance), as well as his close-up magic skills, a result of many years of practice and experience as a professional magician. He fursuits frequently as DEX Raccoon at conventions and events. Dex also suits as Tenkai Husky (made by Noble Wolf) a red and black and white husky.

DEX is mentioned in two articles about Anthrocon 2006: All about 'furry fandom' at confab and Animal Passions.

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