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Devik is a long-time player and wizard on Furscape MUCK, with wizard specializations in the technology of the game.

Devik (in-character)[edit]

The original Devik Wolf was born in 2169 on the planet Annyrion, in the outskirts of the Capital, Annyrion City. Devik is a grey wolf, tending towards lighter shades of grey rather than the darker colorings of most of his species. From a young age, Devik exhibited a talent for socializing and was often in trouble at school for undertaking entrepreneurial activities, one such example being a gambling racket.

Desiring adventure, exploration, and new experiences, Devik left the Annyrion system at 19 and joined the SDF - Space Defense Force - a military organization dedicated to the protection of the Sol system. Officially, Devik worked in computer operations, programming and maintaining the computer systems that ran the SDF. Unofficially, Devik worked for a suborganization of the SDF based around information warfare and electronic eavesdropping; effectively, "spy work."

His work caught the eye of a compatriate by the name of Soliero, a scientist with whom he had frequent contact during his work. She had been recently elected as the Chancellor of the Annyrion Coalition, and requested that he take position as her director of internal security, a department known officially as BlackOps and which functioned in a similar capacity to the CIA or NSA. Devik dedicated himself fully to this new career, easily adopting a leadership role within the organization and directing his information net outwards as well in order to provide detailed military information on any force that would threaten the Coalition.

Following Soliero's death in a space-related accident, Devik's role became more serious as the new Chancellor, Hagalaz Thorsson took power. BlackOps was retitled to the less evil-sounding Ministry of Intelligence. More importance was given to the elimination of the space pirate organizations, whose depredations of Coalition shipping had caused a considerable amount of uneasiness in spacefaring traders. Again Devik's intelligence machine sought out these individuals, exterminating them either in secret, with agents eliminating targets quietly, or through the hiring of mercenaries or covert manipulation of other "legitimate" forces. While the operation was a resounding success, the result being a much safer space travel experience for all citizens, few realized the extent to which the Ministry of Intelligence was involved, most assuming (incorrectly) that their participation was limited solely to information gathering.

Devik is ruthless and efficient in the execution of his duties, exercising his unilateral and unaccountable power to achieve his objectives. Through the maintaining of unofficial, anonymous channels and contacts, with an anonymous agent working for a nameless benefactor, nearly every every aspect of the Ministry's operations are deniable. Any public criticism of the Ministry's actions are steeped in supposition and conjecture and are largely dismissed as unfounded conspiracy theories concocted by the paranoid.

Devik (on staff)[edit]

Devik entered Furscape staff in late 2003, beginning as a technology staffer. Currently he holds a rank of W3 to allow him to work on additions to the space system. Devik is also one of the science council members, a collection of staff who determine what technology is and is not acceptable in the theme. If you play on Furscape and have questions regarding to available technology, the space system, theme, or MPI scripting, all you need do is ask and Devik will do what he can to help you.

Devik (the player)[edit]

Devik (the player) enjoys science fiction, role-playing games, and wit, and especially witty science fiction role-playing games. Devik (the player) enjoys other things as well, though prefers the above mentioned types. His interests include:

  • Star Trek
  • Shadowrun
  • BattleTech
  • Red Dwarf
  • Warhammer 40,000
  • MechWarrior
  • Werewolves
  • Firearms
  • Military Hardware
  • Computers
  • Cold War
  • Building Models
  • Old Cars

Characters by the name of Devik can be found on EVE Online as well as World of Warcraft, and in numerous RPGs either run by or participated in by Devik (the player).

Deviks of all make and model wish that other wiki users would not remove his snarky comments.

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