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Deviant Desires: Incredibly Strange Sex is the title of book about unusual sexual practices, and (previously) its associated website.

Deviant Desires and furry[edit]

In early 2000, sex researcher Katharine Gates published her book Deviant Desires, covering both furry fandom and the wider realm of other unrelated fetishes. The published result was, overall, seen as non-complimentary. In the section on furries it distinguished between "Furry Fans" and "furvert"s but then focussed on transvestism, pony play, BDSM, fursuit sex, plushophilia, macrophilia, and the "high percentage" of gay men in the fandom[1].

Rich Chandler was one person who gave an interview to Gates. Chandler said that he was responsible for establishing separation between such fetishes and the fandom in the book[2]. Chandler claimed this constituted some "pretty good damage control" and that "everyone at CF who saw the book agreed" he had done a good job[3].

Katherine Gates and Deviant Desires were later mentioned in the widely-publicized Vanity Fair article about the fandom.

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  • Furverts at Fetish Roadmap on (archived link)
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