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Devan Shell is a character from a series of cartoonish run and gun games. He was created by Cliff Blezinski and Arjan Brusee.


Devan Shell is an anthropomorphic turtle with a purple shell and a pair of large spectacles. His upper jaw is shaped like a hawk's beak. He weighs 163 pounds and stands 2 feet and 4 inches tall. He is Jazz's arch-nemesis, a nerdy mad scientist. His catchphrase is "Rabbits are lousy!". His favorite book is How to Make Friends and Kill Rabbits, and his favorite food is asparagus. He is always thinking up plans to take over Carrotus, Jazz's home planet. In the original 1994 game, he kidnapped Eva Earlong, the princess of Carrotus. In the 1998 sequel, he stole Eva's wedding ring in an attempt to travel back in time and rewrite Carrotus' history, so that Jazz would never be born. And the cancelled third game, where he rules the future with an iron fist, he kidnapped Jazz's children for world domination.

Devan in other games[edit]

  • Devan, along with Jazz and Eva, made a cameo in One Must Fall: 2097, which was developed by Diversions Entertainment and published by Epic Games, in single-player tournament mode. Each character piloted a fighting mech that was suited to their individual personalities.
  • A crossover is also seen in Tyrian, which referred to their previous starship-piloting game Solar Winds, as well as a reference to OMF:2097.

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