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Desert Mutt is a male mutt (a dog of mixed breed) born on May 19, 1984. He is currently living in central Texas of the United States. While having drawn quite a bit earlier on, he now tends to be more known for his writing and in fact hopes to be a published writer. While none of his work has actually been published for released, many of his stories are posted on Yiffstar, and some pictures he's worked on as well as pictures he has taken can be found on Fur Affinity.


Desert Mutt fursona is a six foot tall male of lean build. He has floppy ears that fall to the side of his head and solid brown eyes. His fur is short with no addition of hair on his head. The pattern to the fur is primarily black with a white underside.

In earlier works, the white was intended to be in the crude shape of a bird in flight, specifically a phoenix. Later on, the white was raised up to cover his muzzle and peaking at his forehead before becoming a basic white shape going from his neck to the inside of his thighs.

Origins to the furry community[edit]

Although always having some tendencies and being a fan, it was in the late nineties that Desert learned of the furry community and eventually became a part of it. After the creation and cancellation of Road Rovers, Desert inadvertantly found his way to a Road Rover fansite and through it, a fan base community. It was through this he found his way to a site on werewolves and eventually Miavir's Index and VCL. As the fandom grew, Desert met other furries, eventually being directed to Fur Affinity and Yiffstar.

Furotica debut[edit]

Desert's writing debuted on Yiffstar on June 12, 2004 with the start of a furotica series called "Love of a Hero." In it, a young white feline fem by the name of Rena is saved from an attack by Desert, they two start a relationship until the feline's passing at a young age.

It was written in seven parts with each being extremely short, only a page or two each chapter. Although by no means his best work, it was one of the first to get feed back which motivated him to write more, and is one of the stories he is still proudest of.

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