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DerIdeal logo.png
Author(s) Andrés Barra
Update schedule Monday and Friday
Launch date 2007
End Date Ongoing
Genre Science Fiction
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Derideal is an action/sci-fi webcomic created by Andrés Barra.


Derideal evolves around the two main characters Adres and Laura who are anthropomorphic animal test projects made by what the world had known in the future, the Consortium. A mysterious army who designed the animal test projects for a reason, to keep them strong.

Project Prime[edit]

Project Prime continues the Derideal storyline from a view of the two test projects, Beta 3 Prime and Alpha Custus, also known as Kitty and Rob, and expands it with more background and characters.



  • Adres - Adres is a genetically engineered cat with several special traits like regeneration and improved reflexes, he's also known for getting frenzied states when under heavy physical stress. Adres is known to be an Alpha creature from the so called "Project Prime"
    • Personality - Adres is naive, friendly and peaceful most of the time.
    • Physical characteristics - Adres is about half a human in size, His fur is white and black (or gray) strips cover parts of his body in defined patterns. Eyes are purple/blue; he's also being shown with blue eyes at first in the comic, and on some official illustrations with yellow eyes.
    • Abilities - Altered Genetics (boosted reflexes, strength and immunological system). High Regeneration rates. Frenzy
    • Other - More notorious outfit: a green shirt. /other designs have him with no clothes or with a military suit
  • Laura: Secondary in importance, Laura is a female anthro feline, who becomes Adres companion after being rescued by him. she has an enigmatic past, she doesn't seem to have impressive abilities likes Adres does.
  • Jaime Alfíl (Paladín): Part of a mercenary group who opposes the main power in the city: The Consortium. He's an infiltrator, an skilled sniper and stealthy spy.
  • Andrea Alfíl: Sister of Jaime, she's known to be a really good soldier.
  • Dr. C.Wally: Main antagonist in this story, he's actively searching a way to dispose of Adres and Laura in order to start over the Project Prime

Project Prime[edit]

  • Rob - First canine genetic experiment, created to be a strong soldier or bodyguard of some sort.
  • Kitty Prime (Beta3-8) - Female cat, part of the third generation of Project Prime creatures experimentation.

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