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Derek McGuffin, also known as Koroshi[1] and KokoroDM,[2] (and as kokoroanime on anime sites) (formerly known as Koroshi "Koro-kun" Kingindo), was born on June 20, 1993, in Mobile, Alabama, USA, where he resides.[2] He is a digital anthro artist, and his species is a gray wolfdog. He was formerly a hippo-walrus and gray tanuki.

"Kokoro" is a Japanese work for "heart" or "mind", and DM means his full name or "Downtown Mobile."


In summer 2002, Koroshi started watching shows on Cartoon Network and he started playing Nintendo games. In July 2005, he became involved in anime when he first found anime on Comcast on-demand on TV.

In autumn 2005, Koroshi registered on his first community site,, under the username daniel251.

In August 2009, he created a hippo-walrus fursona on the DSiware app, FlipNote Studio. In beginning of Januray 2010, he created a gray tanuki fursona. On December 18, 2010, he added a secondary fursona.[clarify]

In January 2016, he revealed Koroshi's original name "Derek McGuffin". In August 2016, he permanently dropped his "Koroshi Kingindo" name for his fursona and became "Derek McGuffin".


Koroshi likes anime, manga, and also plays osu!, a free rhythm game based on a DS game called "Elite Beat Agents". He does beatmaps, he also enjoys watching anime on Crunchyroll.


In 2008, Koroshi started drawing a hippo and a tiger in order to make his own comic, Mat and Stan. He downloaded a free version of Photoshop to color the comics.


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