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FirestormSix, or Firestorm Six, is a furry artist, fursuiter, fursuit maker, and photographer who lives in Canada.


Part of FirestormSix's ancestry derives from the Canadian First Nations (French: Premières Nations), specifically the Cree/Nēhiyaw tribe, with some European ancestry.[citation needed]

Fandom involvement[edit]

FirestormSix has been a member of the furry community since 2000, specially the Ontario Furs, and was a guest of honor at Anthrofest 2006, Furnal Equinox 2011, Midwest FurFest 2012, and Motor City Furry Con 2014 on the Americas, and FurWanted 2014 in Germany.

Fursuit crafting[edit]

In 2008/2009, FirestormSix ventured from the two-dimensional world of art into the three-dimensional world of fursuit construction, with his first fursuit being Dakkota Wolf (based off the Native Indian Timber Wolf from his past artworks, family ancestry, and second-previous generation family heritage), which was displayed at Midwest FurFest 2008.

He founded Fursuit And Costume Construction Business Ssc (Stormfire Studios Costumes or SSC) in,[when?] and it is in the "top 8 fursuit builders of the furry community"[citation needed] today based on demand and fursuit builder statistics.[clarify]

Convention attendance[edit]

(*) GoH.


FirestormSix was first known for his anthropomorphic art. He has also produced award-winning pieces, including:

Fur Park[edit]

Fur Park is a furry South Park parody created by Firestorm Six. The original 3' x 4' FurPark poster, consists of 37 furry characters drawn in the South Park style, it quickly became a hit[citation needed] back in 2001 when it was first introduced.

Several Solo Fur Park commissions were done afterward, including the short animated Fur Park cartoon clip, Max's Coffee Fit, and a downloadable Fur Park screensaver.[citation needed]


On November 29, 2023, Tofu Civet, an Native American fursuiter from the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, engaged in an argument with FirestormSix about the perceived "improper" ("offensive") use of a War bonnet (also known as a warbonnets or headdresses, a feathered headgear traditionally worn by male Indian of the North Americas) in one of his fursuits, even with him being Indo-Canadian.

FirestormSix' response to the accusation was explosive and ended with FirestormSix retrieving and posting Tofu's (Doxxing) real-life info online,[1] which he accused Tofu of actually doing first.[citation needed]

This personal matter between both parties has yet to be resolved.


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