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White Pony from White Pony Productions meeting Delphine for the first time.

Delphine or Delphine Licorne, full Delphine the Talabard Unicorn, also known as Dofain on FurryMUCK, Furnet, and most Instant messengers, is an artist who lives in France.


Delphine has been working in horse shows and as a street performer (fire breather) as well as with other wild animals, her main job being truck driving.

She is an avid wildlife photographer and especially in }Macro photograph of insects.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Delphine has been in the furry fandom since 2000 when she discovered it via the Bleis' website.[clarify] The name Delphine is derived from her real first name, which she first used for her DeviantArt account and has since kept it for everything art-related and for her orcorn character.

Delphine has written many translations especially for horse behavior and horse studies but also for the fandom. She was asked by Tanamin Windgate to translate the Unicornography, a mature webcomic about unicorns and astral guardians, into French, though this ended when the webcomic stopped updating. She also made the French subtitles for Kaze: Ghost Warrior.


Dofain's fursona started as a horse/dolphin hybrid, nicknamed 'Hossphin by Keepiru. She played it either a horse or a dolphin, depending on her mood, until she found stories about unicorns and found she was more linked to them and changed her fursona accordingly, more related to her therian side. She added dragon wings to her character.

As she discovered Cetafurs, she decided that a cetacean-related character would be interesting, and so created her Orcorn self., which is a unicorn-orca hybrid, which she gave the Latin species name of Orcinus Monoceros. This character is very much similar in actions and opinions to her unicorn character and is often considered by her the same.

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