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Deishlings are an anthropomorphic species that resemble dogs to some extent. They have fluffy ears and no tail. Their fur color can range from white to sandy-colored, shades of brown, and even black. They are special in that they possess some magical abilities. Aside from that, they are biologically immune to heat, so that they can even swim in lava. They are, however, weak to cold.

The race itself was created by the roleplayer Janna Willis, also known as Elec. Famous deishlings include but are not limited to Mikorysa Nukumi (Miko), Kuroshi Akumi (Kuro), Raika Castillo, Beebi Castillo, Anya Nanashi, Sayuri Nanashi, Fabreanne Kimishie, Antiraika etc.

They appeared in all sorts of fictional stories, most of which can be read at

Some pictures of deishlings:

Deishlings have also been drawn by other artists such as Kayorei and Thalzon, but no deishling picture from these artists currently exists on the web.