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Decaf (formerly known as Captain Swallows) is a female furry artist. Decaf made art with Taoren under the name Crotchbandit.[1] Her fursona is a German Shepherd who can be distinguished by her trademark bandana. She can commonly be seen on her Fur Affinity gallery and occasionally posts on Guppy's oekaki board at

Her art consists primarily of adult digital works, but she branches out into real media both regular and non traditional as well.

She often draws males and canids but does not hesitate to draw a sultry femme from time to time. She has worked on several collaborative pieces with artists like n, The Dragoneer, Kappy, C5, and Kilcodo.

Decaf recently wiped her Fur Affinity gallery after editing an early submission to include a farewell message.


  1. Crotchbandit tease! art posted 2008 May 4 by Decaf to her Fur Affinity gallery. Retrieved 2009 May 11.

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