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Ino as Telephone

Ino or Telephone (born January 21, 1993),[1] also known as Ino89777 and formerly known as Wicker, is a female[1] fursuiter, Artist, YouTuber, and fursuit maker[2] who lives in the USA.[1] She married Cerros Darkfold on October 16, 2017.[3]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Ino is the owner of Skypro Fursuits. Ino was a guest of honor at Arizona Fur Con (2013 and 2015),[2] ConFurgence 2015, Anthro Northwest 2017, Itty Bitty Fur Con 2017[4] and Furry Fiesta 2018.[5] Ino also appeared on This Is Life with Lisa Ling in the episode Furry Nation.


Ino's main fursona is a demon.[6] She also has several secondary fursonas:


Ino created the first Dutch Angel Dragon named Telephone. This iconic character is most commonly known in the form of a fursuit costume that was made for Ino and built by Carly of PhoenixWolf Fursuits. Ino is the primary performer for the Telephone suit and is responsible for the character’s personality, design, and backstory, as well as the development of the Dutch Angel Dragon species and lore as a whole.[7]Telephone likes to hug to people and likes to get gifts.

Did you know? Ino's husband, Cerros, has a character (and fursuit) named Radio (which is cute because compliments Ino's fursuit Telephone).

Convention attendance[edit]



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