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Deaddog! is an IRC channel on Anthrochat (#deaddog!), and a social group surrounding it.

The group are the hosts of the DeadDog Party[citation needed] at some furry conventions. DeadDog parties occur at many major conventions after most of the equipment has been packed away, including Further Confusion and Anthrocon, and other fan conventions not in the furry fandom[1][2].

Besides being a transition time that allows attendees to emotionally "let go" of the con, it provides an incentive for people to stay through the work session. It often takes place in a room smaller than the Main Stage, as by that point the con population will have shrunk considerably.


Deaddog! started on the last day of Mephit Fur Meet 2002. A group of old and new friends got together in Perro and Alaskan Wolf's hotel room and had a large party, complete with Cartoon Network and plenty of liquid refreshments. Having received word that there was a bigger party in the con's dance hall, they proceded to join it.

After the party, the partygoers all popped on IRC after they returned to their respective homes. Sarin Kilgare created #deaddog! and the tradition has been going on since. He has since given control of the channel to Snowie

The 10 Commandments of DeadDog[edit]

  1. Everyone staying in any DeadDog Room, or traveling on any DeadDog Roadtrip, must take at least one shower a day!
  2. Don't touch anyone who doesn't want to be touched. No means no, dammit! You will be assimilated.
  3. Leave your problems at home.
  4. No bitching/whining/groaning/complaining/you get the drift.
  5. If you get drunk/stoned, we will not be held responsible for your actions. NO underage drinking is permitted.
  6. Public yiffing will cause you and your partner to be ejected from the room (or van?).
  7. No smoking unless nobody objects. And no smoking means NOT WITHIN at least 10 FEET OF THE FRICKIN VAN OR WHOEVER DOESN'T WANT TO BE SMOKED AROUND!! >.<
  8. There is no rule #8.
  9. No sleeping nekkkid. Clothing is a must, unless you are getting paid for it or the free lapdances for Snowie. Or modelling for JessK/Shy/other artists to draw you.
  10. Have fun.

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