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The dead dog party (or dead dog dance) is a traditional event at many furry conventions, including Eurofurence, Further Confusion, Anthrocon and Confuzzled, taking place after most of the equipment has been packed away. Besides being a transition time that allows attendees to emotionally "let go" of the con, it provides an incentive for people to stay through the work session. It often takes place in a room smaller than the main stage, as by that point the con population will have shrunk considerably.

FurFright runs an official Dead Fur Party organized by the staff, where pizza is provided for attendees.[1]

Leftover food and drinks from the con suite may be served as refreshments. Some room parties are also referred to as Deaddog.

Outside of the furry fandom, many other fan conventions also have dead dog parties in the convention suite, for the organizers or for all attendees.[2][3].


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