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DeadCowbie, also known as Dead, Shera Thunderstalker or Cowbie (Real name Thea) is an amateur artist, macrophile and media student from Yeovil, UK.


Shera Thunderstalker, more commonly known as Dead, is a shape and sizeshifting zombie cow, or an Undead Tauren druid. She is a member of the druids of the fang. She is of an average build and has grey fur and brown hair, with pure green eyes that contain no pupils or eye whites. Her arms have bared bone, her left horn has been snapped in half and she has a huge scar that shows her skull on her forehead. Her forms are:

  • Fel: Catform. Green cheetah- seen as a shadowy tauren catform when in prowl.
  • Vinis: Snakeform. Milksnake.
  • Bule: Travel form.
  • Viatrai: Flight form- Shows as a tigerbat.
  • An unnamed water dragon as her aquatic form.

Real Life[edit]

Thea found the fandom at the age of 8. She didn't consider herself a 'furry' as such at this age, but at 13 she found her first furry friends on Deviantart. She made herself an Eastern dragon-like fursona, Sharra. This fursona has changed many times.

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