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Dboywheeler, also known as D-boy and Danny (real name Daniel Eugene Wheeler), is a furry artist. His fursona is a grey wolf.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Dboywheeler was primarily active on deviantART where he was known[citation needed] for his art of Pokémon anthros, Sonic the Hedgehog fan characters and Christian-related furries. He is an avid fan of Minerva Mink, Princess Sally and Rouge the Bat. Common themes in his artwork included skinny dipping, complicated balancing acts, and "undetailed tasteful nudity."

He is one of the administrators of the deviantART community, The Undetailed Tasteful Nudity club.


Danny's most well known characters[citation needed] are a husband-and-wife duo of skunks named Harmony and Melody, both of which have been drawn repeatedly by various artists over the years,[citation needed] both as gift art and as commission work. Although he rarely draws him, h

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