Day of the Animals

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Day of the Animals was a story in Good Times, a weekly magazine covering the Santa Cruz area of California, U.S.A. It was published on January 23rd, 2008, and was written by Amy Coombs. Coombs previously wrote the article How furry is it? for the June 28th, 2007, edition of the online British tabloid The Register, and Day of the Animals reuses large chunks of that text.

The article discusses furry fandom and interviews several furries in the lead-up to Further Confusion 2008. Comments are included from fursuiter Adam Riggs, furry artist Kalu, Tom Howling, and fursuiter Morley John. Some of the aspects of the fandom mentioned are costuming, artwork, and fursonas (noting that "not all furries experiment with their identity").

Furry fandom's reputation as a fetish is mentioned, refering to the March 2001 Vanity Fair article and television programs CSI and Sex2K. John describes those portrayals as "unrealistic and blown out of proportion", while Riggs notes that conventions are kept PG and any risque behaviour is confined to private parties afterwards. Howling notes that he has "had a lot of sex at furry conventions" but this was not part of any official convention schedule.

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