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Hervystia Jubevera hanging out in the park.

Hervystia "Hervy" Jubevera is the squirrel personal fur of David Walker. Hervystia originated as a character for a Teenagers From Outer Space game on the non-furry Brigadoon MUD, but quickly developed into the player's primary character across many online games. Hervystia is a FurryMUCK regular, and is also a character in the IOU universe. In the latter, she is a communications major in SCA, and a member of the Sigma Epsilon Chi sorority (unrelated to the one created by GSPervert). She can also be found on Second Life as Hervy Rikichi.

Hervystia's signature gear is the Boy/Girl Gun (which switches the target's gender), the Goopzooka (which launches quick-drying Twinkie filling at the poor victim), and Popcorn Grenades (good for creating 10 cubic miles of popcorn, fast). As well as these useful gadgets, she can throw sparks of static electricity, teleport interplanetary distances, and the ability to create a supremely powerful forcefield. She is also famous for her hyperspace hammer, used on those who deserve it.

Unlike most furries, Hervystia is not completely covered in fur. With her anime-style origins, Hervy matches the anime catgirl look of having a furry tail and ears, with the rest of her looking mostly human, although her face retains certain squirrel-like characteristics.

Hervystia resembles, but predates, other well known squirrel-like characters such as Marvel's Squirrel Girl and Grace Scuridae from El Goonish Shive.

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