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Picture of David Von Foxkin

David Von Foxkin (also known as DCI) was a furry artist and fursuiter.

A significant proportion of David's work involved macro characters. His fursuit, depicting his fox fursona, was made by Furr Happens.[1] SonicBlu Darkfold's song, "The Pile of Furries", a parody of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" was a tribute to Foxkin's first "furpile" moment.

Second Life[edit]

David Von Foxkin went by the name Foxkin Impfondo and was the founder of Foxkin Rentals on Second Life, providing virtual land rentals among various regions, which included Fox Valley, Dragon Valley, Ryu Valley, Lion Valley, Cougar Valley, Cheetah Valley, Falcon Valley, Ferret Valley, Neko Valley, Lynx Valley, Otter Valley, Rabbit Valley, Sable Valley, Skunk Valley, Tiger Valley, Howling Valley, and Lemming Valley.

In Ryu Valley, there was an amusement park of some sort made for the furry community called the "Macro Room" The macro room was run by a creator called ( Sairys Saramango ) who helped Foxking for many years to run and give enjoyment to the community. The content of the Macro Room was made for players who wondered the area to feel small like a macro and act out in RP with others in a large environment.


David Von Foxkin's health gradually became unstable since he started living on dialysis in 2013. He died due to complications from a heart attack at approximately 9:30 AM on February 25, 2017.[citation needed] He was 58 years old.


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