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Snowhusky aka Snow, is a fur from the Northeast United States, an artist, writer and fursuiter. Snow started in the Star Fox fandom in seventh grade, and one night while browsing Star Fox fanart, he stumbled across some other furry art (the artwork of Goldenwolf) and from that night on (in eighth grade), he has been in the furry fandom. Snowhusky, the character, was only recently developed as he had decided that he needed something for Anthrocon 2007 other than going as himself. he had grown up around animals his whole life, as his mother has been involved with an animal rescue group for as long as he could remember, and he had a multitude of pets beforehand. He had chosen a husky because of one Siberian husky that he fostered in 2002 and that animal stuck out over the rest of them.

The character[edit]

Snow is 24 years old and is currently employed as a Crime Scene Investigator, who specializes in digital crimes. He stands 6'2" from the bottom of his feet to the tips of his ears, he weighs 190 lbs. In his off time, Snow enjoys target shooting, being amongst friends, has a rather large gem collection, and is an avid gamer. Snowhusky's gaming allegiance does not lie with an Italian Plumber, rather with a blue hedgehog, and has since his parents bought him Sonic the Hedgehog along with a Sega Genesis back in 1991.


Snow's art talent really took off back in the seventh grade when he started drawing Star Fox fan art. He then moved onto furry art until he got the idea to draw up some Sonic fan art. Snow took a brake from drawing from 9th grade to the end of his senior year of high school. On August 5 2007, Snow's uncle gave him a graphics tablet one night and Snow has made it a goal to improve his drawing talent before the year is out tenfold. Snow has a small amount of art he is quite proud of, but has only displayed a select few pieces.


As Snow went through elementary school, Snow hated the idea of writing anything over a page in length, but when he started drawing Star Fox art, he dabbled in some fan fictions which he enjoyed very much. As he grew in academic levels, Snow's teachers all said that he was a fantastic writer, but his handwriting is absolutely terrible (which it still is) and Snow began to write stories for fun, and he realized that when writing about something he actually cared about and was interested in, he really enjoyed writing.

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