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DataBank, also known as DatBan or just Dat, Priestess of DatBan[1] and Krinele Fullin (real name Bartholomew Barnes or Bart Barnes; born June 1982),[2][3] is a furry commissioner, photographer and programmer who lives in Coupeville, Washington, USA.[2]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Dat is a Flash and PHP programmer, responsible for the Flash Projector[4] for the webcomic Master Zen-Dao Meow, as well as other long term programming and administrator projects such as the The Napping Cat's Dream forum and the former Lucidia Fantasy social media site.

Fursona and characters[edit]

DataBank most often present himself as a heterosexual anthropomorphic fox or arctic fox.

  • Kivie, a Su'Ku'Vixen (a portmanteau from the words "succubus" and "vixen"),[5] amultiple-tailed canid with tentacle-wings,a concept borrowed from the webcomic Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures. The character soon took on a position primarily as a sage or plot support character after her development.
  • Datallon Implaro,[6] a white fox more catered towards gaming. Despite his well-founded knowledge and skill in the field of necromantic magic, his other powers (magic-based or otherwise) are much weaker than those of a DreamSpinner. Uncharacteristically of his character type, he is often upbeat, optimistic, and surprisingly empathetic towards those he cares about
  • Jaya[7], a vasrii culinary Chef.


DreamSpinners (abbreviated spinners) - A kitsune-like canine species with some noticeable physical differences from the full mythological beings. These include, but are not limited to the fact that they exist exclusively in Dream realms, have a maximum tail count of seven, set at birth, with a variable length between three and seven feet in the bone at least; fur can add another foot or more.

The general tail number rule corresponds to a DreamSpinner's power; however, their direct power tends to lie in their ability to manipulate the reality of their surroundings and habitat to their advantage. Two of the most well-known DreamSpinners include Krinele Fullin[8] and his relation,[clarify] Molly Fullin[9]. Krinele is often characterized as calm and composed, but also to be a prankster on rare occasions. Molly, on the other hand, is often more amorous than her counterpart, and more concerned for the well-being of others.


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