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Dash Forester (in full Dash Lyle Forester, also known as Dash Skunk; born August 25th, 1983) is a furry who lives in Toledo, Ohio, United States.[1]

Dash's Full name comes from the combination of names he merged together from two of his favorite things, Movies and Video games.

'Dash' was created when Dash, while watching The Matrix and attempting to come up with a pen name for the short stories he used to write in HS which were heavily Transformation themed, worked through the names of the characters till 'Dash' hit and stuck. The middle and last name stem from one of Dash's favorite Video game's, Kings Field 2(Playstation) who's main character's name is Austin Lyle Forester.

A babyfur, Dash's fursona is a two-year-old skunkaroo (skunk-kangaroo hybrid). Currently Dash has spun off from his Skunkaroo past and had switched to a full Skunk till Anthrocon 2008, and for a time took a break from the Skunk an became known as Deacon, a 2 yr old Purple Husky with a unique WereDonkey affliction he got while playing hide and seek on a abandoned farm. up until June 2009, Dash kept the two characters separate, but now goes as a Skusky,(skunk-husky hybrid. .[2]

Dash's first fursona was an anthropomorphic Raichu character.[1] A few weeks later, in 2000, he discovered Jessica Willard's skunk artwork, and decided that would be the species of his next fursona.

Around the same time, whilst on a family trip to Michigan, Dash had a real-life encounter with a family of skunks that led to the realization that the skunk was his spiritual guide.

Character Description:[edit]

Species: Skusky

  • Eyes: green
  • Nose: black
  • Ears: purple
  • Paw pads: pink
  • Tail: skunk tail with a single white stripe down the middle, purple with jagged black streaks the outline the white stripe from nose to tail
  • Head fluff: white
  • Chest: white
  • Stomach and crotch: white
  • Forearms: purple up to the wrists where a jagged band of black fur separates the patterns to white paws
  • Legs: purple up to the ankle, then separating by a jagged band of black fur to a white footpaw.
  • Build: plump
  • Attitude: good, positive, heroic.
  • Accessories: occasionally wears a pair of Steampunk Aviation goggles on his forehead.

Conventions attended:[edit]

  • Anthrocon(2003-2009)
  • wPafw(2007-2008)
  • Midwest Furfest(2008-2009)
  • Furry Connection North(2008-2009)


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