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Dash Reete at Wild Nights 2010
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Dash Reete (His full name is Dashial Reete; born Oct. 5, 1984) is a furry from Dallas, Texas, United States. Dash's first name comes from a shortened form of his Halo gamer tag, Dasher, which he used while playing with friends, and his last name is a shortened form of the word "retriever."

Dash is a golden retriever that is distinguished by his long headfur and goggle with blue lenses in a slightly oval-shaped black frames and band. He has always been a golden retriever since joining the fandom in July 2007. He decided his fursona upon remembering a real-life conversation with coworkers a few months prior. During this conversation, which centered around what animals certain people at his job would be, his boss, upon joining the discussion, seemingly instantly told him that he would be a golden retriever.

Dash's fursuit debuted initially as a partial at Furry Fiesta 2010.

Fusona Description[edit]

Species: Golden Retriever

  • Eyes: blue
  • Nose: black
  • Headfur: longer and shaggy with a dirty blond tone
  • Paw pads: black
  • Stomach and crotch: a small trail of fur, which matches in color to his his headfur, runs from his navel to his pubic area
  • Build: slim and slightly toned
  • Accessories: goggles with blue lenses in a slightly oval-shaped black frames and band


Dash's first convention was Furry Fiesta 2009. His second convention was Oklacon 2009. Dash debuted in fursuit at Furry Fiesta 2010. He also attended Wild Nights 2010.


Dash's profile on Fur Affinity

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