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DarthiaWolf (born March 10)[1] is a Spanish anthro/furry artist who lives in Pamplona, Navarre, Spain.[2] His fursona is an Iberian wolf.

DarthiaWolf has been active in the furry fandom since 2006.


DarthiaWolf is a professional photographer, but he has always had a passion for illustration. He is an active artist on Fur Affinity and deviantART. He draws both clean and yiff art, and some of his works are characterised by a very pictorial style with a personal metaphorical message.

He also creates video game fanart, from famous titles like The Legend of Zelda saga.

He won several small contests, such as the "Anthro Halloween Contest" (deviantART), "Anthro Weekly Challenge" (deviantART, four times), and four "Daily Deviations" on deviantART. He was also a Finalist in the "KONAMI Sculpture Art Contest" for the Silent Hill: Downpour video game.


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