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Darn Blimps was a furry Minecraft server founded in February 2011 by Alexander Grey, Darakan and Glaz.

True to its name, Darn Blimps was primarily used by members of the fatfur and inflation communities, although was open to anyone—furry and non-furry. The server was composed of several distinct settlements ruled by individual mayors, although players were permitted to build anywhere.

The server operated in survival mode (where enemies can harm the player), however catered to creative types by having stores where items can be found without having to craft or mine them.

Darn Blimps was initially open to the general public until it was griefed in December 2011, after which players had to be whitelisted to access it.

In November 2012, the server was taken over and closed by Flaw with the intention of relaunching it as a modded survival server[1], however this plan never came to fruition.


A running theme throughout the server's history was the foundation of towns and cities, designed and administered by individual players.

At the time of the server's closure, the primary settlement was Ilmarinen, the capital city of the third world. Ilmarinen was built to resemble a contemporary metropolis with looming skyscrapers and paved plazas. Prominent areas of the city included the Darn Blimps Hall of Fame, a memorial to "The Battle of the End", and Update Square—an area that provided demonstrations of new features added in each Minecraft update.[2] Ilmarinen was named after the mythological Finnish artificer of the same name.

The second world[edit]

The release of Minecraft's Adventure Update dramatically changed how the game generated terrain and spawned natural structures. As a result, the existing world was archived and a new world created.

  • Palloncino: The new capital city. Palloncino is the Italian word for "balloon". Founded by Alexander Grey.
  • The Dome: A giant glass underwater dome, built and administered by PolygonAlchemist and Marcus Quinn.

The first world[edit]

An isometric 3D rendering of Montgolfier.
  • Montgolfier: The server's founding city, located along the coast; it housed the majority of players and was home to many "federal" services—including "Server Central", the entire server's seat of government—as well as a city hall, boardwalk and prominent watchtower. The city was named after the the Montgolfier brothers, the inventors of the hot air balloon. Founded by Alexander Grey.
  • Claycove: A distant town, distinct by its abundance of red brick buildings. Founded by Flint Webber.
  • Lakewood: A small village on Stark Lark Lake. Founded by Tigerbro.
  • New Venice: A modern city built around an artificial lake, shadowed by skyscrapers.
  • Old Sandrock: A Western-themed town lodged in a canyon in the desert. Founded by Glaz.
  • Skyvoid: A floating town on the border of Montgolfier. Founded by Khatoblepas.

Several players could also set up base outside of any settlement. Countryside areas were additionally decorated with sprite artwork common to creatively-oriented Minecraft servers.[3]


Regular server-wide events took place. During these events certain server rules were relaxed to facilitate the event.

  • Construction Competition: Players were challenged to build the most creative building according to a given theme. Resources were supplied to players without them having to manually acquire them from shops.
  • Demolition Day: Usually lasting only a couple of hours, TNT was made available to all players and anti-griefing mods were disabled, with players allowed to destroy anything. The server was reverted to normal afterwards.
  • Glaz's Treasure Hunt: Held on Friday evenings, players had to follow a series of riddles and travel over vast distances to find the hidden treasure — usually items that were not available in the server's shops.


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