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Darkumbreon first joined a channel called #PokemonCrater on the Mediadriven IRC server around the year of 1999. Although under the guise of Dark^Charmander back then, she soon changed her name to Darkumbreon and became an operator in the channel. After time wore on, DU got bored of the name and changed her name to Enishi which she has been called since. When #Eonplanet died and MD disappeared, she followed Pokemoncrater to its new server on Razorville where she became an net admin, and was a staff member of that channel. After much disagreement between the server staff, the channel moved once more to Surrealchat, where she still is now. Although the channel has moved again to another server, she still stays on Surrealchat, running her server Leviathan. #Eonplanet is a memory she'd rather not bring back. Darkumbreon was born 23rd November 1984 in Lichfield, England and now lives in a small town in Wales. Currently a sales assistant at a local convenience store, she also does web design in her spare time. She dislikes popups, Java, healthy food, but enjoys drawing, web design, her Playstation 2 and chatting on IRC.


Darkumbreon's previous past was locked away in the files of a science organization who used her for experiments, built only to kill mercilessly, raised in a cruel world of which she has no recognition of her parents or her past.

Her only desire was to kill. Being made solely for that purpose, it stopped her having feelings of any sort, and so her violent ways got her into a lot of trouble. Darkumbreon spent most of her time battling Ninetales48 because of a grudge against each other. In the end, Ninetales48 left, leaving behind a legacy for Darkumbreon to take hold of, which gained her much respect. She remained cold hearted and carefree, until she opened up her heart for a lonely eon who became her brother. He showed her to Eonplanet. Being a lonely uncaring umbreon originally, Midnight's appearance changed her, making her more quiet. Darkumbreon stayed in the shadows, only challenging others strength for her own. Once a reformed member of Team Rocket, she will not let a challenge pass, and won't hesitate to take on anyone.

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